Robotic Process Automation

Automation is not a new word, it has the roots from 1959, Arthur Samuel, the pioneer of AI. This is one of the first steps towards innovation which would eventually lead to the creation of
Machine Learning. Robotic Process Automation is major technological progress where companies will benefit by having a resilient, scalable, and reliable approach to use it in the day  to day task in an enterprise.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a software technology, a user friendly tool to automate digital tasks. Software users create software robots, or “bots”, that can learn, mimic, and then execute rules-based business processes.

Robotic process automation tools idea is to replace a computer with a human in a digital workforce environment. It doesn’t mean humans are replaced by robots, but in RPA there are software configure automation workflows to automate the business operations. To be precise automation bots will operate on a desktop application or web application and execute a multistep process around the clock to run a specific action. The idea behind RPA technology is to have business agility with nominal human intervention and create an error-free environment. By adding automation to our daily tasks will highly improve the overall efficiency and productivity.

User can invest the quality time in something where human action necessary and assign a bot to look for tasks which can be automated.

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